Rian Walker

Creative Director

For over 20 years Rian has been instrumental as a creative guide in the expansion and evolution of DL3 Realty. Her recent efforts have been pivotal in enhancing the design aesthetic, as well as advancing marketing, branding, PR, and communications across DL3 platforms. In her role, she collaborates with teams and partners at DL3 to ensure both a unified and visually compelling representation of DL3's mission.

Before joining DL3, Rian worked as a film producer for independent projects as well as in event production and philanthropy.  

Rian holds a Master of Arts in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management from Columbia College Chicago, a bachelor’s degree in film from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, along a certificate in Fashion Design from the Schools of Art Institute.

Rian is the President of the DL3 Cares Community Foundation and served on the board of the Harper Court Arts Council for over 12 years. A passionate advocate for fashion, she is also the founder and creative director for luxury brand, Rian Katherine Handbags.