20 Jan 2022
Q2 2020

BCBS Morgan Park Call Center

Morgan Park, Chicago

DL3 repurposed an abandoned big box store in the Morgan Park neighborhood. The 129,000 sq. corporate call center Morgan Park Solutions Center now includes one of HCSC's three neighborhood centers in Chicago, which provide wellness classes and work with partner organizations to address needs that impact health, such as transportation, food security, employment, and stable housing.

BCBS Morgan Park Call Center

DL3 Managing Partner, Leon Walker, emphasizes our commitment to demonstrating that there is substantial investment potential within South Side neighborhoods that have often been overlooked by developers. We believe that showcasing active buyers and sellers in these markets will encourage greater participation, particularly from new Black and Brown developers entering the sector. As we work to establish liquidity in these markets, DL3 remains committed to revitalizing underserved communities and driving positive change.

In 2019, DL3 Realty invested in the former Chatham Target property, and while specific expenses related to leasing commissions and property development are undisclosed, marketing materials from JLL indicate that DL3 and Discover jointly invested over $25 million in developing the property, which also includes a 25,000-square-foot multi-purpose community space.