DL3 Realty is a commercial real estate company driven by a mission to develop projects which help to improve and sustain neighborhood life in Chicago’s urban communities. We focus on three project types, each of which is key to promoting and sustaining neighborhood life --- grocery retail centers, medical office buildings and educational facilities. DL3 was founded in 1999 and is managed by Leon Walker, an experienced corporate real estate professional, who is passionate about revitalizing Chicago's underserved communities. 



We have a reputation as a creative and thoughtful development team for our medical, educational, and grocery based real estate projects in the City of Chicago. We work to create first class developments that bring jobs, fresh healthy foods, and critical education and health care services that promote economic activity in communities of need. We work with leading grocers, healthcare companies, and education operators to expand their services into new urban markets.  Our developments have won numerous awards, including the LISC Most Outstanding Development Award in 2009 and 2017.



Most developers start with a project idea and seek out a location that fits the project parameters. At DL3, we have a different vision. As community developers, we start with the community. It seems like a simple distinction – to begin by asking “what does this neighborhood need?” However, this fundamental shift in thinking frames our entire perspective. We create projects that bridge the gap between the needs of local residents and the priorities of national tenants.