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A new private fund for accredited investors seeking to realize attractive, risk-adjusted returns and meaningful impact in Chicago’s neighborhoods.

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Venture Development:

An Opportunity for Private Investors to Drive Concordant Change in the American Inner City

Free Discussion Paper inspired by a field practitioner’s work in the Englewood Community on the southside of Chicago


Mr. Leon I. Walker, Esq. Manager Partner

Mr. Leon I. Walker, Esq.
Manager Partner

As a Venture Developer, DL3 seeks to provide investors with attractive risk-adjusted financial returns by improving vacant land and underutilized structures with high impact real estate projects that help accelerate the neighborhood revitalization efforts of local government and anchor institutions.

We are uniquely positioned to surface opportunities for private equity investment in communities rising out of economic stagnation, and we continually seek like-minded partners who recognize that investing in urban neighborhoods can be financially rewarding in the long run, while providing attractive social impact returns in the short run.

The following discussion paper describes how we think about deploying capital in urban markets, particularly in real estate projects located in communities often overlooked by private equity investors.

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