20 Jan 2022

Washington Park Bank Building

Woodlawn, Chicago

Revive 6300 will be the flagship development of the Central Woodlawn Development Initiative at 63rd & Cottage Grove.

Washington Park Bank Building

DL3 Realty, one of Chicago's most active community developers, is excited to announce its redevelopment plan for the long-time vacant and heavily deteriorated Washington Park National Bank Building located at 63rd & Cottage Grove. This project is poised to be the "flagship" development of a "4-Corner" strategic development initiative in the rapidly transforming neighborhood of Woodlawn, which is home to the University of Chicago and the Obama Presidential Center. The aim is to breathe new life into this area, leveraging its rich history and the momentum of ongoing developments.

The initiative, dubbed Revive 6300, marks the first Class-A office building in Woodlawn in over 75 years. The new 60,000 square foot building will cleverly integrate the historic façade into its modern design, preserving the character and legacy of the original structure built in 1924. This development is set to bring a host of benefits to the community, including a new Chicago Public Library, ground-floor retail spaces for a local restaurant and financial institution, and much-needed quality office and co-working spaces. The project represents a significant step forward in meeting the needs of Woodlawn's residents and businesses.

Located at 6300 S. Cottage Grove Avenue, Revive 6300 benefits from its proximity to the Green Line CTA Station, which is slated for major renovation. This e-TOD (equitable Transit-Oriented Development) project symbolizes Woodlawn's ongoing revival and is expected to provide a substantial boost to other area businesses and the local economy. The development not only promises to enhance the urban landscape but also to foster economic growth and community development in one of Chicago's most historic neighborhoods.