Hanging with unburdened Mayor Emanuel as Whole Foods Englewood marks second year | Chicago Sun Tim

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other officials broke ground for the Jewel-Osco coming to Woodlawn, at 61st & Cottage Grove on March 7, 2018. | Photo: Brooke Collins
Published on
October 9, 2018

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other officials cut the ribbon at the Oct. 10, 2016, opening of a new Mariano’s in Bronzeville, at 38th Street & King Drive. | Photo: Brooke Collins

For Emanuel, tackling the problem of South and West Side communities with few groceries and healthy-eating choices was a key mayoral mission. It’s reflected not only here in Englewood, but with a new Mariano’s in Bronzeville, a new Wal-Mart in Roseland. And as he leaves office,  a Jewel-Osco is headed to Woodlawn and a Shop & Save to South Shore.

“Nothing has an impact on a neighborhood’s economy like a grocery store,” says Emanuel, as he leaves Whole Foods.

“If you build a grocery store, you get a Starbuck’s, a Chipotle, a microbrewery. You pull a grocery store out, each of those fold up, because nothing produces foot traffic like this. There’s the health of the neighborhood economy and the health of the person shopping there. Have I eliminated all food deserts? No. Have I made a significant dent? I can say I’ve done my part."

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